Apr 13, 2013

The Academy takes a Close Look at Orphan Films (May 10-11, 2013)

Join us!  

30 films in 27 hours! 34 speakers! a lunch! a reception! in Hollywood! all for $20! 

See and hear Dino Everett project motion-picture film  on a 1929 model Bristolphone 16mm sound-on-disk projector

premieres of new preservation on films such as
The Bishop of Hollywood (Hollywood Comedies, 1924) rediscovered short 
Exploratorium (Jon Boorstin, 1974) introduced by the director
Mission to Mongo (Jim Hoberman, 1978) from Anthology Film Archives
The Love Charm (1928) two-strip Technicolor; NFPF New Zealand rediscovery
City Harvest (OWI, ca. 1943) "victory gardening" in Chicago's ethnic neighborhoods 

varieties including 
A Place to Stand, 70mm multiscreen film for Expo '67
with home movies of Expo 67assembled by Walter Forsberg 
Transformations (Ralph Sargent for IBM, 1968) introduced by the director
Hey Mama (Vaughn Obern, 1969) UCLA student film about Black Venice
Naked Yoga (Paul Cordsen, 1974) excerpt, Best Documentary Short Subject
Lead In (Thom Eubank and Saundra Sharp, 1981) wraparounds for B.E.T.

speaking. . . .

Academy curators: Cassie Blake, Ed Carter, Tessa Idlewine, Lynne Kirste, Josef Lindner, Heather Linville, Brian Meacham, Sean Savage, and Mark Toscano, with May Randy Haberkamp, Haduong, and Mike Pogorzelski.

Media makers:  Jon Boorstin, Rob Epstein, Robert Fiore, Jeffrey Freidman, Rick Prelinger, Ralph Sargent, S. Pearl Sharp, and Penelope Spheeris.

Archivists/scholars/curators/etc.:   Snowden Becker, Hadrian Belove, Dino Everett, Dennis Doros, Walter Forsberg, Jan-Christopher Horak, Priya Jaikumar, Liz Keim, Jeff Lambert, Kathleen Maguire, Ross Melnick, Mark Quigley, Jacqueline Stewart, Dan Streible, Todd Wiener, and Chuck Wolfe.