Apr 14, 2013

Call for Presentations on Obsolescence and Orphan Films

Orphans 9

The 9th Orphan Film Symposium
March 30 - April 2, 2014
@ EYE 
in Amsterdam

New York University Cinema Studies joins with EYE (Film Institute Netherlands) and the University of Amsterdam for the ninth international gathering of archivists, curators, scholars, preservationists, and artists devoted to screening and discussing  orphan films (i.e., an eclectic variety of neglected moving images). Film, video, and digital works from around the world will be projected in the magnificent EYE building in Amsterdam, all presented with context provided by expert speakers and creative accompanists. 

Call for Presentations: 
The Future of Obsolescence

The theme of “Orphans 9” is obsolescence, broadly conceived. We invite proposals for presentations on the histories and futures of film and other moving image media. The symposium will consider not only technological and format obsolescence, but also the ways that audiovisual media have recorded and deployed ideas, content, representations, genres, narratives, fashions, and ideologies deemed obsolete or outdated. What neglected cinema artifacts or orphaned media should we re-view and reconsider in order to better understand the world? How should preservationists, archivists, historians, curators, and scholars deal with film and obsolete “new media”? What orphan films document these phenomena and issues? What does “media archaeology” teach us? How are artists, producers, and others using, reviving, and transforming remaindered film and video material? How do archives, museums, libraries, schools, cinematheques, and sister institutions participate in the remix culture of recombinant media 2.0? 

Throughout the three days and four nights of the symposium, selected speakers will lead presentations, screenings, and discussions. Proposals that include the screening of rare, rediscovered, or recently preserved works are encouraged. New media productions using archival or abandoned material are sought for the symposium’s screenings as well, as are technical presentations on moving image archiving and preservation. 

E-mail questions and proposals to Dan.Streible@nyu.edu. First round of proposal review begins June 28, 2013. For more information and updates, visit www.nyu.edu/orphans.

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