Dec 6, 2008

only 486 shopping days left

Here's a semi-logo:

Documentation of the 6th Orphan Film Symposium will be online at the end of 2008. The Orphans 7 banners will start to unfurl in early 2009.

A reminder that the 2010 symposium will be:

• April 7th through April 10th
• Wednesday night through Saturday night
• at the Library of Congress NAVCC
• in Culpeper [single p, sounds like pepper], Virginia
• organized by New York University
• Tisch School of the Arts
• Department of Cinema Studies
• Moving Image Archiving & Preservation program


• will focus its wide-angle lens on transnational and global issues and how these relate to all manner of neglected moving images.

Proposals for presentations are now being accepted.

The orphanista ways will be maintained:

• a full and constant lineup of screenings, talks, and performances;
• a convivial atmosphere sustained with food, drink, music, and refectory-style learning;
• cool T-shirts and other swag;
• camaraderie spun from the admixture of scholars, archivists, filmmakers and media artists, technologists, curators, preservationists, conservators, educators, students, entrepreneurs, vanguardist digitizers, collectors and cataloguers, librarians, museologists, filmographers, researchers, producers, distributors, documentarians, programmers, critics, fans, writers, visionaries and luddites, autodidacts, savants, professionals and amateurs, and media archaeologists -- all of whom share a passion for saving, screening, and studying orphan films.