Jan 19, 2012

transition from 7 to 8: 83 days

With the 8th Orphan Film Symposium now 83 days away, we've suggested tweeters use the Twitter handtag #orphans8

To receive the discounted rate for early registration, register by January 31. 

Audio, text, and video documentation of the 2010 Orphan Film Symposium is now online. See the listings at http://www.nyu.edu/orphanfilm/orphans7.

Included are video interviews with 25 symposiasts, recorded during April 7-10, 2010. These are short (generally about 3 minutes) and edited. The full unedited footage will be posted to the Internet Archive as well. These recordings were made by Intelligent Television with aid of the Library of Congress. Supervising producers were Alexandra Frank, Peter Kaufman, Isabel Muruzábal Lamberti, and Hayley Roberts. Editing was done by Ioannis Papaloizou. Funding camer from NYU's Visual Arts Initiative Award ("Orphan Film and Video Access Project"), with the aid of Bill Brand (BB Optics)  and Ron Sadoff (NYU Film Scoring Program). Footage is downloadable and available for use under a Creative Commons licence agreement (attribution-noncommercial).

Here is a sample, with Colorlab's VP Russ Suniewick explaing how he became involved in the orphan film movement ten years ago.