Jun 26, 2015

Apply for the 2016 Helen Hill Award.

Independent filmmakers & media artists!   

Apply now for the 2016 Orphan Film Symposium's 

Helen Hill Award.  


Recipients are funded to participate in the symposium and screen their work. NYU presents the next edition of "Orphans" April 6-9, 2016, at the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center's Packard Theater in Culpeper, Virginia.

The Orphan Film Symposium biannually confers its Helen Hill Award, jointly administered by NYU’s Department of Cinema Studies and the University of South Carolina's Film and Media Studies Program.

Established in 2008, this award honors work that affirms the artistic legacy, lived values, and everyday passions of the late filmmaker, artist, activist, and educator Helen Hill. In a media culture dominated by corporate interests and consumerist values, the Helen Hill Award supports independent, innovative filmmaking of exceptional talent. The award goes to filmmakers whose work celebrates and embodies such things as creativity, self-expression, animation, small-gauge film, homemade movies (and all things made by hand), collaboration, generosity, liberal spirituality, activism, love, play, community, and connection.

Recipients screen and discuss their work at the biennial Orphan Film Symposium, attended by an eclectic mix of media artists, scholars, archivists, curators, programmers, distributors, preservationists, educators, collectors, and other film enthusiasts. The award funds recipients' travel and accommodations at the four-day event. Past awardees: James Kinder and Naomi Uman (2008);  Danielle Ash and Jodie Mack (2010); Jo Dery and Jeanne Liotta (2012); and Werner Nekes (2014).

To apply, e-mail a PDF file to Laura KisselInclude:
  * your artist statement (150 words or less);
  * filmography (noting awards and exhibitions);
  * a link to sample works viewable online.

Indicate "HELEN HILL AWARD APPLICATION" in the subject line.

DEADLINE: September 4, 2015.

Questions? Write to Prof. Laura Kissel (USC Film and Media Studies)