Mar 26, 2008

It's here!

(o days left til O.)

Here's the tech run-down for the opening program.

Tribute to Helen Hill
8:00 pm • Wednesday • March 26, 2008 • Cantor Film Center

Formats: 35mm (2x), 16mm (13x), DigiBeta (3x), audio CD (1x)
all films = Academy aspect ratio

mic: Welcome, Dan Streible

(1v) Orphans 6 Trailer by Bill Morrison [DigiBeta 3 MINS., sound]

mic: Dan Streible
(2) Interview outtake, Orphan Ist. 16mm, sound, 3 MINS.
(3) Madame Winger Makes a Film 16mm, sound, 10 MINS.

mic: John Canemaker

mic : Bill Brand, Sorensen and/or Resnick
(4) Rain Dance 16mm, sound, 4 MINS.

mic: Peter Limburg
(5) Helen La Belle 35mm, sound, 14 MINS.
go straight to
(6) Vessel 16mm, sound, 6 MINS.

mic: John Porter
(7) Phil’s Film Farm 16mm, SILENT, 10 MINS.

mic: Award presentations Kissel, Courtney
Uman (8) Removed (1999, Naomi Uman) 16mm, sound, 6 MINS.
Kinder (9) Grandfather (2008, Jimmy Kinder) 16mm sd, 3 MINS.

mic: Haden Guest
(10) Mouseholes 16mm, sound, 8 MINS.

mic: Courtney Egan
(11) Termite Light 16mm, SILENT, 3 MINS.
(12v) Cleveland Street Gap DigiBeta, sound, 3 MINS.

mic: Kelli Hix: * Keep mic open for autoharp accompaniment
(13) Home Movie Day New Orleans 16mm, SILENT, 4 MINS.

2 mics: Pistol Pete & Rayna sing two songs (with 1 guitar)
MIC STAND (stage or by piano?)

mic: Kara Van Malssen & Dwight Swanson
(14) [Helen Hill’s Home Movies] 16mm, silent, 5-7 MINS.
(18-24fps, all OK speeds)

mic: George Ingmire
(15) Think of Me First as a Person 35mm, sound, 10 MINS.

#16 is a MAYBE.

(16) [blowup of flood-damaged film] 16mm, silent, 4 MINS.
* PLAY WITH audio CD (Helen’s voice, 2006) 4 MINS.

mic: Kevin & Becky Lewis
(17v) Quacks (1981) DigiBeta, sound, 3 MINS.

Then go straight to

(18) Scratch and Crow 16mm, sound, 4 MINS.

mic: Dan Streible