Mar 23, 2008

about the Cantor Film Center

(only 3 days left....)

All of the sessions of the 6th Orphan Film Symposium convene in the Cantor Film Center.

Like most everyone else, in the 1990s the university took this 600-seat art house cinema and subdivided it into smaller auditoria. Orphans 6 meets upstairs (room 200, technically). We will have 309 seats (and the fire marshal will not let person #310 into the room).

The large projection booth will offer us 35mm changeover projectors + the imported Eastman 52 model 16mm projector (the latter courtesy of James Bond and Full Aperture Systems of Chicago). The symposium also will show DigiBeta and BetaSP video (with a swell new Christie video projector), as well as DVDs and lots of computer projection.

We'll even host a live video iChat with orphanistas in The Exploratorium in San Francisco. Apple has loaned us some very nice new Mac technology.