Apr 4, 2018

Lichtspiel • Ernst • 17.5

When Brigitte Paulowitz of Lichtspiel / Kinemathek (Bern, Switzerland) films from the Richard Ernst Collection of 17.5mm and 35mm Family Films, 1914-1932, we'll see thirty minutes of sophisticated home movies.  And one show-at-home film the grandfather bought, a French travelogue of the Philippines. 

She tells us that the English translation of the intertitles in Aux îles Philippines (Pathé, 1914) are: 

  T1:The ferryman
  T2: Banks of the river Pasig
  T3: Return from the market
  T4: Hemp being the principal industry in the Philippines, the ropemakers are numerous
  T5: Laundry
  T6: Bathing children

Although we won't get to take advantage of the meticulously produced High Frame Rate DCP the Kinemathek has produced, we'll see some handsome scans of these unique films, re-creating what a home movie program might've looked like in the Ernst home three generations ago. 

Honeymoon trip to the Soviet Union in 1932, as well as a purchased reel (ca. 1921) that has a shot of Trotsky!

Leningrad 1932