Mar 26, 2018

Leaders in the Amateur Cinema League of Nations

Notes by Dan Streible

As we are about to celebrate and screen amateur films from around the world at the Orphan Film Symposium on Love, today Thomas Novotney of Novo Digital Media posted this found compilation of leaders made by the Amateur Cinema League during its run (1926-1954). 

And here's a piece I wrote in 2014, inspired by all the ACL leaders appearing on my radar at the time the Museum of Modern Art host an Orphan Film screening we called "An Amateur Cinema League of Nations"  A session of the same title appears, with all new content, at the 11th Orphan Film Symposium.  A true league of nations with films from Mexico, Estonia, German, and (presented by a Canadian) Czechoslovakia.

Thursday, April 12, 2018
11:20 – 1:15 pm  An Amateur League of Nations

Charles Tepperman (U of Calgary) Příběh vojáka (A Soldier’s Story; Čeněk Zahradníček & Vladimír Šmejkal, 1934) and the 1938 International Amateur Movie Show

Alexander Stark (Philipps U, Marburg) “Help us help!”: German Postwar Charity Films by Elisabeth Wilms. Schaffende in Not (Working People in Trouble, 1948) 

Eva Näripea (National Archives of Estonia) Forbidden[?] Love Behind the Iron Curtain: Peeter Tooming’s Sentimentaalne novell (A Sentimental Short Story, 1966)

Tzutzumatzin Soto (Cineteca Nacional México) Love at the (Permanent) Time of Political Repression in Mexico: Hare Krishna (Alfredo Gurrola, 1973)

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