Apr 11, 2016

Post-symposium: gratitude

The NYU-LOC-sponsored 10th Orphan Film Symposium wrapped up Saturday night (technically Sunday morning at 12:10 am) with a late show featuring a sneak preview of a never-before-screened film shot by Andy Warhol in 1965. Although we anticipated many people would be ready to call it a night after celebratory finale screening we enjoyed in the State Theatre of Culpeper from 8 (call it 8:30 pm) to 10:30, most stayed for the bonus movie -- and most of them endured to the end of the long long take that is Warhol cinema.

Throughout the four days at the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation, we not only were stimulated by a wide variety of sounds and moving images -- and live performances -- we also experienced a growing sense of camaraderie, of love for the material and for our colleagues' work.

Thanks to the many people and organizations who rowed in the same direction to make this invigorating event possible. Mike Mashon (LOC) and Dan Streible (NYU) co-organized. NYU Tisch School of the Arts and its Department of Cinema Studies underwrote the production alongside the Library of Congress NAVCC, which provided the unparalleled facilities and personnel.

The social media traces give a flavor of the variety and high spirits experienced during the symposium.

• Instagram #Orphans10

• Twitter #Orphans10  &  #OrphansX 

More words of assessment and reflection lie ahead, but for the moment, here are some of the teasers and trailers sampling the sounds and movies of "Orphans X." Dylan Lorenz and Eddy Colloton made them.

Teaser, 15 seconds:

Trailer, 60 seconds.

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