Mar 8, 2016

Full program of the 10th Orphan Film Symposium: 4 days and nights, 75 presenters.

NYU Cinema Studies and the Library of Congress host the 
10th Orphan Film Symposium
April 6-9, 2016
Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation

Culpeper, Virginia
3:00pm to 5:00pm Tour the Library of Congress Packard Campus

All sessions in the Packard Theater (except for the Saturday night show).

8:00 pm Movie Tones, Radiotelephones, and Tele-vision
Debut restoration of The Edison Kinetophone (1912)
Robert Anen & Ina Archer (NYU) British Actors and Actresses outtakes (Fox Movietone News, 1928)
Manu Luksch & Martin Reinhart with Dreams Rewired (Luksch, Reinhart, & Thomas Tode, 2015) an essay film about audio-visual technologies – telephony, cinema, tele-vision -- that changed human consciousness; a montage using nearly 200 silent-era and early-sound films from archives around the world

9:30am About Orphans X: Sound
Mike Mashon (LOC) & Dan Streible (NYU) opening remarks
+ Susan Courtney (USC) The Sounds and Silences of Operation A-Bomb (1952)

10:00am Preservation Provocations for the 21st Century
Rick Prelinger (UCSC) Silence, Cacophony, Crosstalk: New Talking Points
Evan Meaney (USC) introduces Big_Sleep™ (Meany & Amy Szczepanski, 2015) a codec tutorial and documentary meditation on digital decay
Jonathan Farbowitz (NYU) moderator

11:30am Paper and Sounds from The Library 
The Film of Her (Bill Morrison, 1996) a cine-poem about paper films
Bill Morrison excerpts his never-released 1992 interviews with Howard Walls and Kemp Niver, curators of the Paper Print Collection preserved by the Library of Congress and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Alexis Ainsworth & Ken Weissman (LOC) premiering new 3k scan of Spirit of '76 (American Mutoscope & Biograph, 1905)
Jerry Fabris (Edison National Historical Park) & George Willeman (LOC) Marrying Edison Kinetophone Cylinders and Films: Premieres of The Deaf Mute, Jack’s JokeThe Musical Blacksmiths, et al. (1913)
Caroline Frick (UT Austin) moderator
LUNCH catered at LOC

1:30pm Sound and Color

Joshua Yumibe (Michigan State U) Color Film and the Coming of Sound
Ulrich Ruedel (U of Applied Sciences, Berlin) Film Sound and Color since 1929
Heather Heckman (U of South Carolina) Continuous Monochrome: The Problem of the Soundtrack in Chromogenic Color Printing, with test clips from 35mm prints of Carson City (1952), The Iron Mistress (1952), and The Moonlighter (1953)

3:00pm Raw Sounds of WWII
Jeff Martin (independent) Recorded Voice of Edward W. Stewart, JZJ, 9.535MC, 11:00 - 11:38 AM CWT, Tokyo-Japan (R. P. Read, 1943): Amateur Recordings of Short-Wave Broadcasts from Japanese POW Camps
Matt Barton (LOC) U.S. Marine Corps Combat Recordings, 1943-1945
Melissa Dollman (UNC) Fifteen Dozen Rosies: Field Research Audiotapes in the Records of The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter Project, 1974-1980

4:30pm Greg Wilsbacher (USC MIRC) Beaten by Your Own Scoop: Early Synch-Sound Newsreel, Admiral Byrd, and the Orteig Prize
            New York to Paris Flyers – outtakes (Fox News, 1927)
            Crew of the ‘America’ Speaks – outtakes (Fox Movietone News, 1927)
DINNER catered at Shawn's Smokehouse BBQ

8:00 pm Robert Gitt & Robert Heiber (Rick Chace Foundation) A Century of Sound


9:30am Classical Music and “Silent-era” Cinema
Julie Hubbert (USC) introduces

* Walter Damrosch and the N. Y. Symphony Orchestra in France (Fox News outtakes, 1920) USC MIRC
* Walter Damrosch Visits Schenectady and Sees Picture of Sound1929 (Academy Film Archive)
* Premier nocturne en fa # majeur de Chopin, Interprété par Victor Gille (Gaumont-Petersen-Poulsen, 1928), new restoration by Cinémathèque française
Anke Mebold (Deutsches Filminstitut) Tonbilder from the Neumayer Collection, 1908-09: Synchronizing Discs and Films from Deutsche Bioscop and Alfred Duskes

+ Laurel Howard (LOC) and Craig Schreiber sing live with Flotte Bursche (Duett, “Willst du scheiden”) Nr. 47 (Deutsche Bioscop, 1908)
Stephen Bottomore (independent) The Selsior System Dance Films: [Ernest Belcher/Dorothy Edwards dancing] (Boris Sagal, 1913-14)
Hilde D'haeyere (University College Ghent, Belgium) "Cannibals of the Deep”: Mack Sennett's The Trail of the Swordfish (1931)

11:30am Listening to New Histories of American Radio
Josh Shepperd (Catholic U) The Radio Preservation Task Force as National Research Project
Alan Gevinson & Rachel Curtis (LOC) The American Archive of Public Broadcasting: Nat Hentoff’s series The Evolution of Jazz (NERN, 1953)
Wendy Shay (Smithsonian NMAH) Hills Bros. Tune of the Day (1934)
Joseph Gallucci (Pacifica Radio Archives) American Women Making History and Culture, 1963-1982
Stephanie Sapienza (U of Maryland MITH) National Association of Educational Broadcasters, 1952-1970

Jenny Doctor (Belfer Audio Archive, Syracuse University) Flying saucers, ESP, and Psychic Phenomena: The Long John Nebel Audio Collections (WNBC, 1964-69)
Dan Einstein & Mark Quigley (UCLA Film & Television Archive) Preserving Rediscovered Transcription Disks of The Goldbergs: Episode #1297 [Sammy Goes Into The Army] (CBS, 1942)
Shawn VanCour (NYU) moderator

LUNCH catered at LOC

2:15pm Scoring Documentaries
Julie Brown (U of London) The Original Atmospheric Presentations of The Epic of Everest (1924): Orchestral Score and Tibetan Music
Blake McDowell (Smithsonian NMAAHC) Paul Bowles Film Scores: Bride of Samoa (Harry Dunham, 1934) and Venus and Adonis (Harry Dunham & J. V. D. Bucher, 1935)
NYU Libraries -- Audio in the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar Archive, 1958-2011
Haden Guest (Harvard Film Archive) The Rediscovery Robert Flaherty’s Oidhche Sheanchais (A Night of Storytelling) (1935): The First Talkie in the Irish Language

4:30pm Missing Sounds, Found Fragments 
Margaret A. Compton (U of Georgia) A Mute Talkie Meets the Digital Humanities: The Rediscovery of Wedding on the Volga (Mark Schweid’s directorial debut, 1929) 35’
Arber Jashari (National Library of Kosova) Film Found, Sound Sought: The Dance of the Rufais (Kosovo, ca. 1976-80)
Viviana García Besné, Paulina Suárez-Hesketh, & Michael Ramos Araizaga (Permanencia Voluntaria Archivo Cinematográfico) Morelos Mezcla: Rescued Fragments of Mexican Cinema (1930s-70s): La Zandunga (location footage, 1938), La Rebelión de los Adolescentes trailer (1959), fragments of Bellas de Noche (1975)
Josephine McRobbie (NCSU), Andy Uhrich (Indiana U) et al. New Sounds for Old Films about Sound, musical performance and video remix from the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive


8:00pm Helen Hill Award Screening: Sasha Waters Freyer
Laura Kissel 
 (USC), Haden Guest (Harvard Film Archive), Jimmy Kinder (filmmaker) present the award and Kodak film prize.

Sasha Waters Freyer presents her work:

  • Our Summer Made Her Light Escape (2012) 
  • This Existence Is Material (2014)
  • Chekhov for Children (2010) 72’ Documenting a1979 Broadway staging of Uncle Vanya by 5th and 6th graders, directed by Phillip Lopate, using never-before-screened student videos and Super 8mm films.
  • All Things Are Photographable (trailer) Garry Winogrand documentary
Linda Mai Green (NYU IFA) moderator


9:30am   A Praise Song for Audiovisual Preservation Exchanges
Judith Opoku-Boateng (Institute of African StudiesUniversity of Ghana) & Mona Jimenez (NYU APEX) Seprewa Discoveries: Access in Action from the Nketia Archives (Seth Paris and Fidelia Serwaa Ametewee, 2015) music by Amakye Dede

10:00am Computing Frontiers
David Gibson (LOC) Alone in the Dark: The Question of Abandonware and Video Games
Robin Edgerton (independent) Computing For Fun at Bell Labs: Computing For Fun (1963) with John Robinson Pierce
Gregory Zinman (Georgia Tech) The Archival Silences of Nam June Paik’s  Etude, with Electronic Opera #1 (1969) and HTML recreation of Etude 1 (1967-68)
Andrea Callard (independent) Located for Listening: Early Computer Music by Reese Williams 

11:45am Experimental Sound in Small-Gauge Film

Walter Forsberg Sound Test Film, presented by ELMO CO., LTD. (197?) 
Tommy Aschenbach (Video and Film Solutions) Jiffy Test Films  (197?) 
Genevieve Havemeyer-King (Wildlife Conservation Society) & Pamela Vizner Oyarce (Second Run Media Preservation) Audio Reconstruction for Some Food May Be Found in the Desert (Andrea Callard, 1977)
Bill Brand (BB Optics) on Reflections (Madeline Tourtelot, 1955)
Matt Soar (Concordia U) Sound and the Standardized Film Leader: Three
Handwritten Films
EYE, Newsprint (Guy Sherwin, 1972)
LUNCH catered at LOC

1:45pm Achtung Argentina! 
Nico de Klerk, Joachim Schätz, & Katalin Teller (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society, Vienna) Colin Ross “mit ohne Sound”: Travel Lecture Films, including Achtung Australien! Achtung Asien! Das Doppelkontinent Des Ostens [The Twin Continents of the East] (Germany, 1930)
Paula Félix-Didier, Andrés Levinson, Leandro Listorti (Museo del Cine)

  • Muñequitas Porteñas (1931) reel 1 of the first Argentina talkie
  • Variedades sonoras Ariel N 1: "Mosaico Criollo" (Eleuterio Iribarren, 1929)
  • La reina de las ondas (Irena y Karel Dodal, 1948-49) animation
  • Cómo se hace una película Argentina (Arturo Mom, 1948)

4:00pm Indie Rediscovery and African American History
Heather Sabin (Academy Film Archive) The Sound Man (1950) and The Foley Artist (ca. 1991)
Sandra Schulberg (IndieCollect) Vault Rescues

  • Witch Doctor (1951) Murray Lerner, Lloyd Ritter, & Robert Young
  • Anemone Me (1990) Suzan-Lori Parks & Bruce Hainlie (excerpt)
  • Thanksgiving Prayer (1991) Gus Van Sant, with William Boroughs 
Charles Musser (Yale) & Walter Forsberg (Smithsonian NMAAHC) Folk Music, the Henry Wallace Campaign of ’48, and the Rediscovered Count Us In (Union Films, 1948)
Rhea L. Combs (Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture) Building a Collection: Films of Mahalia JacksonAlice Coltrane, and Whitney Houston

DINNER catered at Culpeper Center, 127 S. Main Street

8:00 pm Celebrating Sounds from Everywhere: A Medley 

at the State Theatre, 305 S. Main Street
  • Adam O’Callaghan (Montreal) Theremin prelude
  • Caroline Martel, excerpt from Mystères des ondes (1946)
  • Bill Morrison Little Orphant Annie (Selig, 1918) and Litte Orphant Annie (James Whitcomb Riley, Victor Talking Machine, 1912), with the voice of Kelli Hix (2016)Dennis Doros & Amy Heller (Milestone) Transmagnifican Dambamuality (Ronald K. Gray, 1976) 
  • Devin Orgeron (NCSU) Uncle Smiley Abridged (Learning Corp. of America, 1972/2016) 
  • Skip Elsheimer (AV Geeks) Let’s Make a Sandwich (Miriam Bucher, 1950)
  • Rachael Stoeltje (Indiana U) & Dan Streible The Inner World of Aphasia (Edward and Naomi Feil, 1968), added to the National Film Registry in 2015.
  • Jon Dieringer (EAI) David Bowie sings “Look Back in Anger,” in Nam June Paik’s Wrap Around the World (1988)