Aug 26, 2014

MIAP Directorship

(Memo just went out. I will continue to organize the Orphan Film Symposium, but now wear a new hat.)

* * * * * 

Greetings to all NYU MIAP alumni, students, faculty, instructors, staff, and friends of the show.

I wanted to pass along the official news. In September I will become director of the NYU master's program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation.

Our team remains in place. Howard Besser and I are switching hats, as he will continue to serve as Associate Director, as will Mona Jimenez. And MVP Alicia Kubes enters her 13th year as Assistant Director, coordinating, well, most everything. The Department of Cinema Studies has also hired Kathy Short as Archive Administrative Aide, working alongside Alicia and Film Study Center Manager & Archivist Ann Harris.

We also have a new department chair, with Professor Antonia Lant succeeding Richard Allen. AND our school has a new dean, with Allyson Green succeeding Mary Schmidt Campbell. Lots of change afoot.

It's a big challenge, directing this extraordinary thing we call MEE-APP. I ask your help in continuing to make MIAP the best program of its kind. In twelve years as director, Howard led the building of a pioneering graduate degree program. We are fortunate that he will continue to teach, strategize, and advocate for us. (Thank you, Howard.)

Professors Bob Sklar and Howard Besser, 2003.
(That's Mona Jimenez, center.)
NYU Tisch School of the Arts welcome for new MIAP director.
We now build the Robert Sklar Memorial Scholarship endowment.

We also know that MIAP has a truly remarkable network of alumni. You're our biggest asset. Even before I joined the MIAP and Cinema Studies faculty in 2006, I was deeply impressed by the students and alumni I had encountered. Now it's down right inspirational to see how you are collectively leading this professional field -- and doing so with a generosity of spirit. You help one another, mentor students, and serve the community in creative ways. Thank you.

With our great team of instructors and another strong cohort of students, we have another banner year ahead. I look forward to working together as MIAP begins a second decade. I'm proud to be associated with this program. 


Dan Streible

* * * * *