May 11, 2014

Thomas Elsaesser, The Poetics of Obsolescence, at Orphans 9

Thomas Elsaesser delivered the keynote address to the 9th Orphan Film Symposium, The Future of Obsolescence. March 31, 2014, at EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

Thomas Elsaesser <> is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Media and Culture of the University of Amsterdam, and since 2013 Visiting Professor at Columbia University. He has authored, edited, and co-edited some twenty volumes on early cinema, film theory, German and European cinema, Hollywood, new media, and installation art. Among his recent books are the Routledge publications Film Theory: An Introduction through the Senses (with Malte Hagener, 2010), The Persistence of Hollywood (2012), and German Cinema - Terror and Trauma: Cultural Memory since 1945 (2013).

In 2005 he founded UvA’s master’s program in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image. The P&P Program, now an M.A. diploma in Heritage Studies, co-hosted Orphans 9.

Professor E's estimable career is well detailed in Wikipedia's biographical entry.

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