Apr 8, 2014


It's the little things.

In fact, some one inspired by an early Orphan Film Symposium published a poem about "Small Good Things."

Here you can watch 23 minutes from Dutch TV, showing a live broadcast, April 8, 2014, from EYE's film archive.

It's an unusually long time to have a privileged look at film archivists showing their wares. The occasion that prompted it was EYE's rediscovery of the film Love, Life, and Laughter (1923), which had been on the BFI's "Most Wanted" list of 75 films presumed lost. (Here's BFI's very well illustrated description of the film from BFI from before the new finding.) Archivist Bin Li found it only days ago, and we were fortune that EYE digitized a clip, so we could screen it at the very very end of Orphans 9. A total surprise ending.

We see and hear Frank Roumen, Head of Collections, talking about the rediscovery, and Annike Kross showing the nitrate print and its Dutch intertitles to the TV reporter from her flatbed.

We also see some of the other workstations within the archive. Preservationist Jan Scholten shows some of the scanning technology.

But what caught an orphanista's eye was the final seconds, in which we see an unidentified archivist wearing an Orphans 9 T-shirt!

The NYU-EYE logo on the back of the black T is clearly visible as the end credits roll.

Who is she??


April 9 UPDATE:
She is Suzan Crommelin!