Apr 11, 2014

"a lively, friendly, and very dedicated bunch of film preservationists, restorers, archivists, scholars and artists . . . "

Matt Soar shares some images, and thoughts on his experience at the 9th Orphan Film Symposium.


Certainly his Lost Leaders project offered a nice accidental graphical interface with O' 9.

He might not be alone in thinking it, but he is the first I've read to wax poetic about one of the amateur films that Andrés Levinson of the Museo del Cine de Buenos Aires presented at the symposium. Perros en paracaidas (1963), as it is now called, indeed shows us dogs parachuting into Antarctica. Or, la Antártida, as those closest to the continent call it. Soar describes one sequence and offers:

"It might well be the most beautiful few frames of film I’ve ever seen."

Here are other images from Matt Soar's Lost Leaders presentation.