Nov 28, 2013

Updates on the "Orphans 9" programme

New details in the program(me) -- including the welcome news that filmmaker Paul Cohen (Dutch Film & TV Academy) will join us and contribute new work based on footage shot a third of a century ago and now archived at EYE. 

The 9th Orphan Film Symposium  (aka "Orphans 9")
The Future of Obsolescence
March 30 - April 2, 2014 at EYE in Amsterdam

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The symposium begins Sunday evening, March 30, with a “film concert” of new preservation work from the EYE collections. Experimental film curator Simona Monizza  introduces abstract animated films by Maarten Visser, with new music by Marcel Worms (as well as the NYU Film Scoring Program). Silent film curator Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi presents the world premiere of EYE’s restoration of the feature film East Is West (1922), starring Constance Talmadge. 

Then, March 31 • April 1 • April 2: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from morning through the evening, sessions are scheduled to include these (and others):

Thomas Elsaesser On Obsolescence
Mary Huelsbeck (Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research) and Dennis Doros (Milestone Films) outtakes and ‘lost’ films of director Shirley Clarke
Grover Crisp (Sony Pictures Entertainment) How Death of a Salesman (1951) became an orphan work; screening of the never-released Columbia Short Subject Career of a Salesman (1951) 
Bill Morrison premieres a new work derived from his collection of Super 8 films
Evan Meaney (U of South Carolina) Archival Encryption, Encoding, and Error as Narrative: de_ca/ (work in progress)
May Haduong (Academy Film Archive) restored films by Aloha Wanderwell
Doug Goodwin (Cal Arts) on Serios (Rebecca Baron, forthcoming), an  experimental documentary about the “thoughtographic” films & photos attributed to Ted Serios (1918-2006).
Ron Magliozzi and Peter Williamson (MoMA New York) rushes from the unreleased Darktown Troubles (Biograph, ca. 1914), starring comedy legend Bert Williams
Ned Thanhouser introduces the newly-preserved Clarence Cheats at Croquet (Thanhouser Co., 1915) for the National Film Preservation Foundation.  
Susan Aasman et al.  (U of Groningen) reconstructing historical practices of home movie making
The Albanian Cinema Project:  with Thomas Logoreci (Marubi Academy of Film, Tirana) and others; screenings include the ethnochoreographic KF-16 [Albanian dances from northwest and north regions] (Ramazan Bogdani, 1972), preserved in 16mm by BB Optics with NYU Moving Image Archiving and Preservation students. Also excerpts from new restorations, including: Nëntori i dytë (The Second November) (Viktor Gjika, 1982). 
Frank Scheffer and Paul Cohen premiere a new work made from their never-released 1980 documentary footage of American Zoetrope people (Francis Ford Coppola, Walter Murch, Wim Wenders, Scott Bartlett, Tom Waits, et al.)
Giovanna Fossati (EYE) Restoring the Colors of Early Cinema
Andrea Krämer (HTW Berlin) and Martin Koerber (Deutsche Kinemathek) Restoring Gasparcolor
Franziska Latell (Academy of Arts, Berlin) on the work of filmmaker and collector Werner Nekes
Werner Nekes on optical toys and precinema objects
Dan Streible (NYU) restoring Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (1894) at LOC
Charles Musser (Yale U) presents Industry’s Disinherited (Unions Films, 1949)
Maria Vinogradova (NYU)  amateur film in the Soviet Union, including Na odnoi zemle / On the Same Earth (People's Film Studio of DK Proftekhobrazovania, 1977)
Chris Wahl (HFF Potsdam) work from Betriebsfilmstudio GDR
Jiří Horníček (Czech National Film Archive) Czech amateur auteurs
Ralf Forster (Filmmuseum Potsdam)  East German amateur films
Monika Supruniuk (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych) OKO: Polish amateur movie camera (1914)
Elżbieta Wysocka (Filmoteka Narodowa) Unused Polish newsreel footage (ca. 1946-1990)
Heidi Rae Cooley (U of South Carolina) outtakes from The Augustas (Scott Nixon, ca. 1950s) -- including newfound footage shot in Augusta, Sicily.   
Ramesh Kumar (NYU) policy vs. practice of national film archives in the digital era
Karen Cariani (WGBH Archive), Mark G. Cooper (U of South Carolina), and Mark J. Williams (Dartmouth) on newsfilm collections and the Media Ecology Project
Reto Kromer ( CBS EVR version of The 8mm Film: Its Emerging Role in Education (1966)
Yvonne Zimmermann (Philipps-Universität Marburg) Hans Richter’s Die Eroberung des Himmels (Conquest of the Sky) (1938) restored by Cinémathèque suisse
Juana Suárez (NYU MIAP preservation exchange with Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano) Outtakes from Gloria Triana's series Yuruparí (FOCINE-Audiovisuales, 1983-86), documenting Colombian music, holidays, and popular traditions from Afrodescendant and indigenous communities
Andrés Levinson and Paula Félix-Didier (Museo del Cine de Buenos Aires) two Argentine family versions of Little Red Riding Hood: Jorge Mendez Delfino’s 16mm black-and-white Caperucita Roja (1933) and his daughter’s Super 8 color remake (196?). Plus a film about dogs parachuting into Antarctica[!]
Benedict Olgado (NFA Philippines) and Bill Brand (BB Optics) restoration of On My Way to India Consciousness, I Reached China (Henry Francia, 1968)
Rob Byrne (San Francisco Silent Film Festival) Restoring The Last Edition (Emory Johnson, 1925)
Julia Noordegraaf (U of Amsterdam) and Simona Monizza, challenges of restoring the Bart Vegter collection (floppy disks, Super 8s, hard drives, etc. etc. etc.)
Eef Masson (U of Amsterdam) on pedagogy and the obsolescence of archival knowledge
Alexandra Schneider and Wanda Strauven (U of Amsterdam) Children as Media Archaeologists
Nicola Mazzanti (Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique), Géraldine Vooren (EYE legal counsel), and Thomas Christensen (Danish Film Institute) on the EU Directive for an Audiovisual Orphan Works Registry; moderated by Howard Besser (NYU)

Additional contributions from students in the master's program at NYU (Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, aka MIAP) and the UvA (Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image, aka P&P)
and screenings from the University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collectons: 
• a 35mm restoration of A Frontier Post (Fox Varieties, 1925) a never-released documentary about the "buffalo soldiers" of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment
• MVTN 2-50 Egyptian (Whirling Dervishes) Dancers (Fox Movietone News, 1928)  
• silent outtakes from Josephine Baker Visit Volendam (Fox Movietone News, 1928), filmed by Dutch film pioneer Mac Djorski [George Debels]. Preview here.
Viewable on the USC MIRC DVR