Sep 25, 2013

Live stream of "Placing Orphan Films" -- Thursday, Sept. 26

Terrific news:  Live webcasting of Thursday, Sept. 26, conference "Placing Orphan Films."  See below from conveners Martin Johnson, Amanda Keeler, and Andy Uhrich. 

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The SCMS Nontheatrical Film and Media Scholarly Interest Group presents a graduate student conference, "Placing Orphan Films," a pre- Orphans Midwest event, this Thursday, at Indiana University. From 9:00 am to 5:00pm the presentations will be streamed live for those not in Bloomington.
Graduate students, emerging scholars, and film archivists from the Midwest and beyond will be analyzing the limits of the term orphan as a concept for addressing nontheatrical film. The wide-ranging topics being covered include the origins of scientific filmmaking, fan archiving of serial killer TV shows, locating the orphan film within the collecting institution, and how applying non-cinema studies approaches can open up new understandings of orphan films.

Placing Orphan Films
Thursday, September 26, 8 – 5pm
Bloomington, Indiana location: IMU Dogwood Room

Rest of the World location:

Conveners: Martin Johnson (Catholic U), Amanda Keeler (Marquette U), and Andy Uhrich (Indiana U) 
(NYU alumni in violet ;>)
9am Category Problems
Chair: Josh Malitsky (IU)
Luke Stadel (Northwestern U) Placing “Scientific” Cinema in the Pre-Nickelodeon Era
Dave Sagehorn (Northwestern U) Amateur Adjacent and Nearly Orphaned: Complications in Categorization
Ashley R. Smith (Northwestern U) Recurring Nightmares: The Shifting Ephemerality of “Exclusive” Serial Killer Interviews in America’s “Wound Culture”

10:30am Toward a Historiography of Film’s Productive Forces, via Twin Cities Archives
Chair: Martin Johnson (Catholic U)
Matt Levine (U of Minnesota) Films that Teach: Audio-Visual Education Services 
Rachel Schaff (U of M) Tracing the Archival Function: Home Movies, Amateur Films and the Institution
Anaïs Nony (U of M) Walter Breckenridge and the Educational Nature Film of the 1950s

12:00 noon lunch break

1pm Orphan Geographies
Chair: Gregory A. Waller (IU)
Ben Strassfeld (U of Michigan) Local Orphans: Examining the Local through Detroit Newsreels
Nate Brennan (NYU) Orphan Films or Prisoners of War? The Use of Captured Enemy Motion Pictures as Evidence and Intelligence during World War II

2:30pm Future Directions
Chair: Marsha Gordon (North Carolina State U)
Ashley Blewer and Travis Wagner (U of South Carolina) Un-Caging the Orphan: What Intersectionality Can Teach Us about the Educational Role of Orphan Works
Brian Real (U of Maryland) Orphan Films and Digital Humanities: Bad Metadata as a Barrier to Good Research
Kit Hughes (U of Wisconsin - Madison) “It’s the Pictures that Got Small”: Incorporating Video into the Orphans Movement

4:00pm Closing Thoughts