Aug 30, 2013

Frampton, Hampton, Kartemquin, Bogdampton: the outs


A great addition to the lineup for the Orphan Film Symposium at Indiana University ("Materiality and the Moving Image"), September 26-28.

from the Frampton notebooks

The morning session on Saturday will now include scholar Ken Eisenstein screening his selection of outtakes from the films of Hollis Frampton. For a sample of the excellence of both Messrs. Eisenstein and Frampton, there is the excellent Blu-ray disc A Hollis Frampton Odyssey (Criterion #607), featuring 24 films (1966-1979), running 266 minutes, with a booklet containing essays by Mr. Eisenstein alongside Ed Halter, Bruce Jenkins, Michael Zryd, and another very good friend of the show, Bill Brand.

Register to attend the whole shootin' match in Bloomington:  65 presenters and dozens of moving image works in a variety of material formats, from celluloid film to DCP. Material dating from January 1894 to September 2013. Premieres, re-premieres of restorations, rediscoveries, never-screened films. With catering and other accoutrements. Keynote by Tom Gunning (U of Chicago).

Door prizes.

Here's the outtakes session:

Saturday, Sept. 28 in the Indiana University Cinema 
9:00am to 11:45am  Outs_&_Trims
  • Ken Eisenstein (Bucknell / Mount Holyoke) from Hollis Frampton
  • Carolyn Faber (Kartemquin Films) from Kartemquin Films
  • Nadia Ghasedi (Wash U) from Eyes on the Prize, Henry Hampton
  • Noelle Griffis (IU) from the IU Peter Bogdanovich Collection


Criterion bonus:
Hollis Frampton's Surface Tension (1968)