Jul 7, 2013

PDFs of DVD booklets recently added to the Orphan Film Symposium Collection at the Internet Archive

PDFs recently added to the Orphan Film Symposium Collection at the Internet Archive (http://archive.org/details/OrphanFilmSymposium). 

  • Orphans 7: A Collection of Orphan Films. Stefan Elnabli, Walter Forsberg, and Jonah Volk, prods.  >New York University Libraries, 2010.
      Limited-edition compilation of eleven annotated works in partnership with NYU Libraries, Library of Congress, University of South Carolina, Broadway Video, and Colorlab. Recipient of DVD Award, “Most Original Contribution to Film History,” from Il Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival, Bologna, Italy.

Cover notes: http://archive.org/details/Orphans7DVD

  • Orphans 8: Made to Persuade. Rufus de Rham, Marie Lascu, Crystal Sanchez, and Dan Streible, prods. New York University and Museum of the Moving Image, 2012.  Booklet 20pp. 

      Based on the theme of the eighth symposium, the disc features ten short archival films, seven commissioned works, and three recent films by recipients of the symposium’s Helen Hill Award, which recognizes independent filmmakers. Illustrated twenty-page booklet: http://archive.org/details/MadeToPersuade.

  • Orphans in Space: Forgotten Films from the Final Frontier. Walter Forsberg, Alice Moscoso, Dan Streible, and Jonah Volk, prods. New York University Libraries and Orphan Film Project, 2012. Booklet 40pp. 
      A two-disc themed set with a forty-page booklet of illustrations and notes by scholars, archivists, artists, and subject specialists. Fifteen works from a dozen archives, dating from the 1920s through the 1980s. Booklet downloadable here: http://archive.org/details/OrphansInSpaceBooklet

In addition to the DVD producers listed above, contributing writers, interviewers, and commentators include scholars and critics (such as J. Hoberman, Tom Gunning, Charles Musser, Sergei Kapterev, Megan Shaw Prelinger, Rick Prelinger, Larry A. Jones, Eric Kohn, Juan Salas); archivists and curators (Anke Mebold, Audrey Young, Seth Anderson, Jay Schwartz, Greg Wilsbacher, Oliver Hanley, Nancy McLean Suniewick, Michael Nash, Donald F. Reines, Andy Uhrich, Caitlin Hammer, Lorenzo Gattorna, Kelli Hix); as well as filmmakers and media artists: Bill Brand, Jeanne Liotta, Andrea Callard, Ed Emshwiller, Deborah Stratman, John Lurie, Jo Dery, David Cassidy, Lillian Schwartz, and Joe Bowie (the voice of Ro-Revus).