Jun 4, 2012

Orphan films and social media

NYU home page for Orphans projects and events. Documentation of symposium including text, audio, images, and video, e.g., Orphans 8 at www.nyu.edu/orphanfilm/orphans8.

"archivists, academics, & artists saving, studying, & screening neglected moving images." You are here. Occasional articles, announcements, and news. Guest bloggers welcome.

Internet Archive: Orphan Film Symposium Collection
Audio recordings of past symposia talks, interviews with participants (edited and unedited), and verite footage.

For sending and receiving official OFS communiques and file attachments. Forwards to dan.streible@nyu.edu.

Twitter: Orphan Film Project
"saving, screening, studying neglected moving images since 1999."
(Hashtag was #orphans8. Now #orphanfilms.)

Tumblr: orphan_films
"Neglected cinema artifacts." A microblog. One picture at a time.

Facebook group: Orphan Film Symposium
562 members as of today; ask to join.

Flickr group: Orphan Film Symposium
686 items, documenting the three NYC symposiums (2008 to present).

Wikipedia: Orphan film
"a motion picture work that has been abandoned by its owner or copyright holder; also, any film that has suffered neglect...."

"What is an orphan film?" 

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