Jun 12, 2012

Additional "Orphans 8" T-shirts now available.

Because we ran out of all the T-shirts created for this year's Orphan Film Symposium, additional Orphans 8 T-shirts are going to be special ordered. 

1 shirt = $15
2 shirts ($25)
3 shirts ($35)
4 shirts ($45)
5 shirts ($55)

Here are the 3 designs:

  •   khaki w/ ORPHANS 8 block logo
  •   purple w/ hanging bat, designed by Jo Dery (Helen Hill Awardee)
  •   maroon w/ design by Jeanne Liotta (Helen Hill Award recipient)
By July 1, e-mail your order to orphanfilmsymposium@gmail.com 

Identify the shirt/s you want by 

  • design (block logo, Dery, or Liotta
  • size (2XL, XL, L, M, S, XS)
  • fit  (i.e., "Women's" or "Men's/Unisex," as American Apparel calls them AmericanApparel.net/sizing.html
Include your shipping address with your order. We will then contact you about how to pay with credit card or check.