Apr 4, 2011

Walter Forsberg reports from the Midwest

Salutations, Orphan Peoples!

As a heads-up to you nice folks out there, I write to tell that the Orphan Film Project screening on April 2nd (at the 13th edition of the Wisconsin Film Festival) was a success. Obvs, Dan Streible assembled nothing short of a crackerjack line-up of some of the best stuff from past symposia and Orphans-related screenings.

I was particularly pumped about the inclusion of several Wisconsin-related Orphan-y works, and a 16mm print of the newly-preserved Lillian Schwartz work from 1974, Galaxies (thank you, once again, Colorlab). 

Leon Russell, Mickey Raphael (harmonica), Paul English, with Willie Nelson.

Also, I can report a treat to the citizens of Chicago: The Nightingale Theatre sponsored a prematurely-festive screening of the not-orphaned 1979 concert film, Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Celebration last night at James Bond's Cinema Borealis. Special thanks to Christy LeMaster, who is 'specially super sweet, for arranging this event. Full deets: http://nightingaletheatre.org/nightingalefront1.html

-- Walter Forsberg