Apr 26, 2011

Mr. Mojo Risin' at Celebrating Orphan Films

A trio of unique 1960s-era UCLA student films are on-tap for Celebrating Orphan Films, May 13-14 at the Billy Wilder Theater: Kinky (ca. 1966), Patient 411 (ca. 1965) and Five Situations for Camera, Recorder and People (ca. 1965). The original production crew for the latter two of these films included then-UCLA film student Jim Morrison, who would later rise to fame as lead singer of the seminal Los Angeles-based rock band, The Doors.

Alexander Prisadsky, director of Five Situations for Camera, Recorder and People, has shared his recollections of the making of his student film, and his collaboration with classmate Jim Morrison. Mr. Prisadsky’s generous and insightful personal notes provide a fascinating glimpse into the history of UCLA's famed film school in the 1960s, perfectly setting the stage for the upcoming screening of these rare archival treasures.

Read Alexander Prisadsky's extensive notes at: