Oct 27, 2010

Two Mores Reasons to Love

Few knew that when Orphans cofounder Julie Hubbert was on stage in New York discussing the music we heard in the newly preserved 1940 film One Tenth of Our Nation she was half-way through a pregnancy that would bring twins into the world. On September 13, 2010, Mira Lily arrived at 8:50am, followed two minutes later by Max Henry.

From their swell blog --- www.maxandmira.com -- here's Papa Rich's photo of Mother Hubbert (sorry, I couldn't refrain) at home in Columbia with the two dearies.

The scenario was different in September 2002, when film music historian, Professor Julie Hubbert, hosted the 3rd Orphan Film Symposium in the USC School of Music. On that occasion she was clearly expecting and it was the deary named Eleanor who was born ten weeks later.

Ella, soon turning 8, doing some pet parenting while the twins were asleep.

As another symposium cofounder said after visiting this expanding family, Julie Hubbert "is one tough woman."

So tough that as she was waiting to go into labor she was choosing the cover illustration for her new and big book, Celluloid Symphonies: Texts and Contexts in Film Music History. So tough as I recall that after the closing panel of the 2002 Orphan Film Symposium, while everyone else went off to dinner celebrations, pregnant professor Julie stayed behind to do tech breakdown and lock up the music hall.

So Mira, Max, and Eleanor, be proud of your mom (and dad's) toughness.

And, please, gentle colleagues, no Miramax jokes.