Oct 22, 2010

To Save and Project: The Orphan Film Project x 7

Saturday, October 23
1:30 pm

To Save and Project
MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation

The Orphan Film Project x 7              

Host: Katie Trainor (MoMA Film Collections Manager)
Presenter: Dan Streible (NYU)

Trailer for Orphans 7

Beyond the Images in this Dark Box 
(Russell Sheaffer and Jim Bittl, 2010)

Scratch and Crow (1995, Helen Hill) 16mm, 4ʼ  
Source: Harvard Film Archive

[A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire] (1906, Miles Bros.) 35mm, 13’
Music: Agatha Kasprzyk and Rafael Leloup (NYU Film Scoring)
Source: Prelinger Archives

The Passaic Textile Strike (1926, International Workers Aid) 35mm, 13ʼ
Accompaniment: Avigail Malachi (clarinet) and Elad Kabilio (cello)
Source: NYU Tamiment Library, CPUSA Collection

 Dedication of "Park Row" (1928, Fox Movietone News) 35mm,  6’ 

Television Pictures (1931, Fox Movietone News)

Spain Celebrates Her New Freedom (1931, Fox Movietone News) 35mm, 2’
Source: University of South Carolina, Moving Image Research Collections

With the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain (1938, Henri Cartier-Bresson) 35mm, 20ʼ
Narrator: Juan Salas (NYU)   
Source: Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (alba-valb.org), NYU Tamiment Library

A Letter from Colombia (1963, James Blue, USIA) 35mm, 10’
Source: National Archives and Records Administration

Fluorescent/Azalea (1976, Andrea Callard) 16mm, 4’   
Introduction: Andrea Callard
Source:  NYU Fales Library and Special Collections

8th Orphan Film Symposium, April 11-14, 2012