Jan 20, 2010

filmmaker Edward O. Bland's new blog for THE CRY OF JAZZ

The NYU Orphan Film Symposium is premiering the restoration of THE CRY OF JAZZ (1959), Friday, April 9, at 8:00pm, at the Visual Arts Theater, 333 W. 23rd St. (New York).

This e-mail notice came in today:

I have launched a new blog to celebrate recent attention to my half-century old film THE CRY OF JAZZ.
Apparently the younger generations consider this film a "classic."
Here's the link:  http://ggdaddybland.blogspot.com/

Oh, the blog's name, ggdaddybland, comes from the fact that some people call me the "Great-Grandaddy of Hip Hop" because of the confrontational qualities of both my music and this film.


Ed Bland

The redoubtable Mr. Bland also has this great website:  EdBlandMusic.com