Dec 31, 2009

a nice Phil Nugent shout-out

Excerpt from The Phil Nugent Experience blog, December 30, 2009:

Helen Hill Books into the Library of Congress

. . . Every year the Library of Congress selects twenty-five films deemed to be of "artistic, cultural, or historical interest" for permanent preservation, and this year's bounty includes Scratch and Crow, a 1995 student film by the late, great Helen Hill, who was a friend of mine and the best person I have ever known who I did not address as "Grandmother." 
. . . This is a happy day for everyone who's had something to do with keeping Helen's name and work alive, among them Helen's dashing brother Jake, her widower Paul Gailiunas, our invaluable mututal friend Jenny Davidson, Dan Streible and the sainted orphan film movement [!], and Peripheral Produce, which has made a DVD compilation of Helen's work, including Scratch and Crow and her masterpiece, Mouseholes, available. It may seem that the preservation of the creative work of someone who was taken from us too cruelly soon is an odd thing to clutch onto as a hopeful sign for the year to come, but at this point, I'll take what I can get.

Happy New Year!