May 9, 2009

Orphans West: That's a Wrap.

Adam Hyman, director of Filmforum, welcomed Angelino orphanistas.

So, thanks to the Los Angeles Filmforum and the Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre, the Orphan Film Symposium had a West Coast premiere, or sneak preview.  "Orphans West" we called it.  It was a delightful interregnum in this odd-numbered year, between Orphans 6 and 7.

The folks photographed here selected films from each of the past six symposiums [symposia? you tell me].

Stephanie Sapienza, also of L.A. Filmforum, put the show together.  (John Marlow, left, came from the San Francisco Cinematheque.)

Hadrian Belove, don of the Cinefamily, presided during the weekend. Seen here outside the Silent Movie Theatre.