Jun 30, 2008

De V De

About thirty seconds after the posting on color fading appeared, Ron Mann sent the following dope sheet on Painters Painting.

* Steve Franco at VideoPost Dallas supervised a new HD transfer from the original 35mm dupe neg (Mary Lampson recently told me it was the best element to use.)

* DuArt is remastering the sound.

* Arthouse will release Painters Painting on DVD in the fall.

* All of de's films are transfered from the best source available to High Def masters.

* The current DVD releases are standard def., but when Blu-ray costs come down, de's films will be released on Blu-ray.

* In the King of Prussia is next in line to be transfered to HD.
* Re: Painters out-takes. On the CD-ROM, I published transcripts of complete interviews and they are indeed incredible. Love to do a deluxe edition with out-takes. If you know any patrons of the arts - send 'em my way!