Apr 3, 2008

Reviews & Reports in the blogosphere

Gentle reader:

Although the words 'blog' and 'blogosphere' have a less than euphonious ring to them, there are of course some good and beautiful things in weblogs. Here are a few.

* Jenny Davidson, a novelist and professor of English/comp lit at Columbia University, wrote about her experience at the Helen Hill Tribute that opened the Orphan Film Symposium on March 26.

Elise Nakhnikian wrote about Orphans 6 for "The House Next Door," a site created by critic/filmmaker Matt Zoller Seitz.

* Perennial
orphanista Dwight Swanson, the intinerant film archivist, has three entries in his 'diary.'

* For the two most thorough and thoughtful -- and well-illustrated --
accounts of the symposium daze, read "Walking Off the Big Apple"


* the official NYU "live" coverage by graduate students in the companion course, Curating Moving Images.

If you, O gentlest of readers, learn of other blog or press accounts of Orphans 6, please comment here. X