Apr 9, 2008

Leo-Andres (son of Dana Polan and Marita Sturken) at the March 26 opening reception. His first Orphans.

Tomorrow I will write about the restoration of the Lotte Reiniger film Helen La Belle (1957) and how the Deutsches Filminstitut, Haghefilm, the BFI, the Orphan Film Symposium, and Reiniger devotee Helen Hill converged to make the March 26 premiere screening possible. (It's a good story.)

Meanwhile, this blog
+ this one -- blogs.nyu.edu/orphanfilm
will be delivering more photos from Orphans 6, along with video and audio to come.

Here's a handsome one:

from the
Asian Film Archive,

Bee Thiam | Lucy Smee | Rajendra Gour

We saw Mr. Gour's charming, heartfelt independent film A Labour of Love (1976), and some amazing video by Singapore rebel Martyn See, documenting protests against a meeting of the IMF-World Bank. Mr. See self-distributes and 'archives' on YouTube. Here is Speakers Cornered (2006).