Apr 12, 2008

Fight Pictures

a fight picture of 1907

"The Orphan Film Movement has expanded and transformed the way we approach film and media studies. It has reaffirmed the radically democratic and egalitarian side of our field, generating new energy and a revitalized philosophy at a moment when film studies was becoming more integrated into academia and in danger of falling prey to elitist tendencies. If this book had a gestation period of fourteen years, it was because its author was on a mission of the utmost urgency. Fight Pictures has certainly become a richer, more thorough book over these intervening years. Bearing the insights of the orphan film movement as much as the older 'early cinema' paradigm, Fight Pictures is the result of some twenty years of intellectual ferment."
-- Charles Musser, from the foreword to the book Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing and Early Cinema (Univ. of California Press, 2008)