Feb 12, 2008

Rediscovered PASSAIC TEXTILE STRIKE footage

(43 days 'til Orphans 6)

When the NYU Tamiment Library acquired the Communist Party USA collection in 2006, a few hundred reels of films came with it. The librarians' initial inventory led to a significant find: a nitrate print of The Passaic Textile Strike (1926), a storied film sponsored by International Workers Aid to convey labor's perspective on the strike by mill workers in New Jersey. However, only an incomplete version was known to exist, with 2 reels lost. Those reels were found.

The deteriorating nitrate went to the Library of Congress, which had previously preserved the other 5 reels. George Willeman is working to salvage as much of the rediscovered footage as possible. George will tell us more at Orphans 6. Meanwhile, you are here among the first to see these samples of PASSAIC footage he has been able to rescue. (Courtesy of LOC and Tamiment Library.)