Feb 15, 2008

'Best of Orphans' at the IFC Center in NYC

(40 days until Orphans 6)

On Tuesday, February 19th, at 8:00 pm, the IFC Center in New York hosts its weekly screening in the "Stranger Than Fiction" documentary series. This week's episode is being billed as "The Best of the Orphan Film Symposium." Series curator and host Thom Powers will preside over the evening, which features Laurie Anderson talking about her work with NASA footage and Dan Streible of NYU showing short films from several orphaned genres.

Filmmaker Jeanne Liotta will tell how she came across the 1961 wedding film of boxing star Jose Torres and his bride Ramona. Excerpts from films found in the Communist Party USA collection will be shown alongside a short made for the U.S. Information Agency during the cold war. And a curiosity from Madison, Maine, made by an unknown amateur in 1934, that one might swear was a Joseph Cornell film. And a home movie from depression-era Kentucky that one might swear was made by Orson Welles -- three years before Citizen Kane.