Jan 26, 2008

Music for surveillance and outtakes

A new feature of the symposium at NYU is another wrinkle in the musical work done for the presentations. Thanks to Professor Ron Sadoff (Director of Film Scoring), students in his innovative program will score seemingly "un-score-able" films, including a 1968 surveillance film shot at an anti-war protest and outtakes from a Catalan newsreel shot during the Spanish Civil War. The idea stemmed from long-time orphanista Julie Hubbert's work with students at the University of South Carolina during Orphans 5. Professor Hubbert recruited Sadoff to the orphan film cause while at "Music and the Moving Image," a 2007 conference he co-organized at the NYU Dept. of Music and Performing Arts Professions for its Program in Scoring for Film and Multimedia. Another great partner to have in this eclectic enterprise.